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Carnegie, Andrew (1835-1919)


b. 25/11/1835, Moodie Street, Dunfermline.
d. 11/08/1919, Lenox, Massachusetts
Industrialist; philanthropist; author.
Father: William Carnegie (d. 1855), damask linen weaver.
Mother: Margaret Morrison (d. 1886).
m. 1887, Louise Whitfield (d. 1946).
Daughter: Margaret Carnegie.
Buried: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown New York.
Inscription on his grave:

"Andrew Carnegie
Born Dunfermline, Scotland
25 November 1835
Died Lenox, Massachusetts
11 August 1919."

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie Papers:

Andrew Carnegie Papers, 1803-1935. Bulk: 1890-1919. 67,400 items. Library of Congress: 0320H.

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Carnegie, Andrew.
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Dunfermline References:

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